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Professional Women’s Network (PWN) - Trauma as a result of the pandemic

11 March 2021
Professional Women’s Network (PWN) - Trauma as a result of the pandemic

Trauma as a result of the pandemic

The danger and scope of the COVID-19 pandemic has upended “normal” life for more than 1 year now, causing billions of people around the world to experience unexpected emotional turmoil. Though many may not realize it, that emotional turmoil can, and is, causing symptoms of trauma to manifest in both children and adults. It can also have serious mental and physical   health effects if it’s not treated.
As a follow-up of the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) meeting, organized by Leadership and Growth Council, Xhevahire Balaj, Psychologist - from the Psycho-Social Center for Trauma Therapy “Diakonie Kosova” discusses the topic “Trauma as a result of the pandemic”.
There is a worldwide discussion regarding if pandemic is a traumatic experience? Trauma is an unknown experience that we did not encounter before.
“If we go back to March 2020, when we had zero information about the virus family, we faced with an unknown and unexpected situation, we can say that this phenomenon is a trauma. The total closure took place, the shops were empty and as a society that went through the war, reminded us of that time. People reacted in a typical way to this traumatic situation,” said Ms. Balaj.
Pandemic interfered with our way of life; no room for physical contact, socializing, celebrating birthdays or attending different rituals. This situation affected all age groups; the elderly did not have the opportunity to meet their children, grandchildren, missed the walk-in nature, while the children needed a total re-adaptation.
Further, there is social and financial uncertainty. There is uncertainty about the future work prospects, incomes, and the value of savings which affected societies mental health.
Mrs. Balaj continued the discussion by emphasizing that - “We are a society that has a cultural deficit regarding the communication, which impacts the anxiety and makes much more difficult to perceive the situation”.
As a result of the pandemic, there has been an increase in domestic violence, but this time, in addition to violence against women, there have been cases of violence against parents from their children.
Mrs. Balaj ended the discussion by emphasizing that - “Solidarity is very important, each of us can do good deeds, we have to try to overcome this situation by reflecting on ourselves, on the people we love, give attention to ourselves and life and consider the pandemic as a phenomenon that will give us a personal and individual growth and try to serve to society with the best we can”.

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