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MoU with the Municipality of Kamenica

22 August 2018
MoU with the Municipality of Kamenica

Mayor of the Kamenica Municipality Qendron Kastrati signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TLP Alumni Association, which is a program supported by USAID.

These young people, even though they have completed their studies, have been engaged in this program to assist the public sector in Kosovo on a voluntary basis.

TLP AA will provide volunteer support in expertise that includes areas such as:

· Improvement of public procurement procedures
· Improving the quality of education
· Drafting of projects for agriculture and economic development
· Budget planning review and monitoring
· Plans to increase the involvement of the Diaspora
· Increasing the efficiency of administration

Volunteers from this organization will work closely with municipal officials to achieve the objectives of this cooperation.

LGC structured the promotion of USAID Transformational Leadership Program - Citizens Corps through articles, journals, media and activities.

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