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Professional Women’s Network (PWN) - Challenges of online learning

7 May 2021
Professional Women’s Network (PWN) - Challenges of online learning

In this pandemic situation we were very anxious from the unknown, for this reason the schools were closed as a preventive measure.
Over the months we discovered in ourselves adaptive mechanisms and new adaptive behaviors for normal functioning.
New adaptive behaviors such as online learning required teachers-students-parents to learn new skills such as training using new technology and platforms; remote access and new assessment methods of learning.
As a follow-up of the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) meeting, organized by Leadership and Growth Council, Tenire Krasniqi, Psychologist - Ambulance of Clinical Psychology “Uni”
discussed the topic “The impact of the pandemic on mental health, online learning and challenges”.
The challenges of online learning can be many, some of them are:
- The possibility of providing technology to all students and teachers: telephone, laptop, computer.
- Problems with network / internet
- Home space for privacy (not enough rooms)
- Noise / obstruction from other family members
- Different ways of learning online: learning only from TV broadcasts and learning through the ‘zoom’ platform
- Meanwhile teaching only through RTK4 and checking assignments by teachers was a method that is supposed to be less efficient
Mrs. Krasniqi stressed that: “According to research conducted by the University of Prishtina on the effects of COVID-19 on education, 65.4% of students reported average levels of stress as a result of isolation in the spring, while 26.9% reported high levels of stress”.
Psychological Association also noted that COVID-19 could have long-term negative effects on human psychology in Kosovo.
“While we are talking about online learning, therefore I have to connect with the dynamics created in the family during the pandemic, since the parents (in most cases the mother) had to prepare the children for online learning, follow the lessons like a class teacher and at the same time to complete everyday obligations “- continued Mrs. Krasniqi
Meanwhile, the presence of all family members at home and stress from the inability to work and freedom of movement has resulted in an increase in the number of cases of domestic violence.
This has definitely affected the children’s sense of security and consequently the performance of online learning.
Challenges for teachers have also been numerous:
- The difficulty of explaining the duties online as e.g., subject of mathematics, foreign languages or physics.
- Ongoing questions from parents who have been concerned about their children’s achievements
- Checking assignments and setting a schedule for all students
- Student assessment and the impossibility of involving all students in online learning
- Students with learning difficulties
As a conclusion, for the successful progress of the teaching process, there must be a continuous mobilization of the staff of school and government institutions, without neglecting individual and professional responsibilities. Also, the process of teacher training for modifying curricula and maintaining online learning should be accelerated.

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