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Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Meeting

30 September 2020
Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Meeting

LGC organized an online meeting with members of the Professional Women’s Network (PWN), with the aim of identifying key concerns spanning across all sectors and industries, and identifying subject areas to be addressed in future events. The meeting produced valuable information regarding the standing of women in our society today, and brought focus to the fact that PWN should strategically engage in society in order to produce measurable difference. Members of PWN have expressed their interest and willingness to contribute in line with their academic and professional backgrounds, to allow for maximum professional contribution to society.
PWN members proposed some themes for discussion in future meeting such as: Women Economic Empowerment; Ensuring greater participation of women in the electoral process and strengthening their decision-making position after the elections; Women involvement in various fields such as education, finance, justice, etc.); Economic recovery and Anti-corruption and energy (inclusion of women in these two areas).
We will keep you updated on upcoming activities.

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