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TLP Alumni Association Committee Meetings

15 November 2018
TLP Alumni Association Committee Meetings

TLP Alumni Association celebrated its first anniversary leaving behind numerous activities and initiatives that aim to bring positive change to our country.

For the past two weeks, TLP –Citizens Corps organized the Committee meetings of the TLP AA during which new Heads of Committees were elected. On this note, we congratulate the newly elected Heads: Aferdita Pustina for the Democracy, Governance and Rule of Law Committee; Elion Gerguri for the Economics, Business and Finance Committee; Arianit Pajaziti for the Science, Innovation and Technology Committee and Gjylbehare Llapi for the Education, Arts and Design Committee. TLP Citizens Corps will continue to work closely with the TLP-Alumni Association in their efforts to maintain strong ties and contribute to our society.

LGC structured the promotion of USAID Transformational Leadership Program - Citizens Corps through articles, journals, media and activities.

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