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USAID Kosovo representatives visit

26 January 2018
USAID Kosovo representatives visit

LGC structured the promotion of USAID Transformational Leadership Program - Citizens Corps through articles, journals, visits and activities.

USAID Kosovo representatives visited our volunteers Taulant Ymeri and Dardan Xhymshiti at their volunteer placement site.

Upon their return, Taulant and Dardan decided to contribute their hours by designing and lecturing a series of courses which will help young people advance their programming skills as well as catch up with new advances in technology.

These courses will help turn a person of little to no knowledge on data science and programming, into a person ready to comfortably apply these newly gained set of skills in the market. Out of 300 applicants, 30 have been selected to attend the course and were given the opportunity to learn the basics of programming. The first course, C100: Introduction to Java Programming and Data Science ended in December with all participants certified for successfully completing the course.

The second series of lectures, Python Programming for Data Science, Probability and Statistics started in January and will last until mid-March 2018. This course will build on top of what was learned in the previous course, further advancing the attendees by adding a second programming language to their set of skills.

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